Special Points To Remember Now in Alcohol Addiction Treatment

You can set a goal for you using a scale from 1 to 10. The scale helps you to begin by determining where you think you are currently standing. Number one means it cannot get worse. An expert shows that the situation is the best possible.

  • How do you rate your alcohol consumption or the use of other drugs? What scale on the scale describes your situation right now?
  • What is your goal? What number suits you and feels good?
  • Ask the following important questions:
  • How did I get to the current figure?
  • What should I do to get a few steps closer to my goal?
  • What would be the slightest sign that I’m heading in the right direction?
  • How does my spouse or other related people notice that I have come one step closer to the target?

When you input your own assessment of the situation on the scale, try at the same time what figure feels or seems possible to reach, for example. During the next week. What methods will you keep in mind when imagining you reach the goal? From https://anaheimlighthouse.com/ now you will be getting the best options then.

White weeks

Begin with a whole week two or three weeks. It works best.

The reason is that:

  • It has been found that the people who manage completely without alcohol for three weeks are best able to achieve moderation.
  • A break in drinking helps one break old drinking habits and allows for new ways to work.
  • Your alcohol tolerance drops quickly so you feel well-affected even if you drink less than before. It makes it feel unnecessary to drink so much.
  • For many, it is a happy surprise that thought ability is improved – two to three full-week weeks sharpen the memory and the thought, which also affects both inventiveness and learning.
  • You get practical experience on how to check your desire for alcohol and can easily reach your goal.

My own plan

First, think about what way to make progress or return to moderation that suits you best:

  • You can start with a period of two to three weeks when you do not drink at all and then set up the goal that is best for you.
  • You can reduce your drinking gradually until you get down to the amounts that are right.
  • You can go for moderation directly.
  • Tips when you want to drink less
  • Recognize a situation when you managed to drink just as little as you had imagined – how did you do that time?
  • Choose beverages with lower alcohol content and dilute your beverage.
  • Replace the big stop against a small one.
  • Do something else too, so there will be breaks in the drink: dance, throw arrow, and take a break with something.
  • Drink water, soda or other non-alcoholic beverages between the drinks.
  • Stand over a few rounds – order and drink slower than the others around the table.